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Security Data for www.t-cat.com.tw

Type of Certificate: GlobalSign SGC SSL Certificate 1 Year
128/256 bit industry standard SSL Certificate.Enables 40 bit browsers to connect at full 128/256 bit security.
Security Status: Expired.
Company: President Transnet Corp.
URL: https://www.t-cat.com.tw
Certificate Content: CN=www.t-cat.com.tw
O=President Transnet Corp.
L=New Taipei
S=New Taipei
Validity Period: From 2023/05/11  To  2024/06/11
 What is GlobalSign Secure Site Seal?   GlobalSign Secure Site Seal

This Secure Site Seal provides ordinary users a more convenient way to examine the security of a Website. It explains the Website’s SSL security certificate content. The Secure Site Seal shows only that the site has applied and passed the certification and in no way indicates that the secure encryption protection is activated.Users should follow the instructions below to check if the SSL security mechanism of the Webpage has been activated to make sure the transmitted data has been encrypted to prevent disclosing personal data or secrets to third party eavesdroppers from inflicting damages to the rights of the users.


Security Data of Site User

Your IP Address:
Currently Connecting Address: https://seal.ssl.com.tw/validate/seal.asp
Browser: CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Verify Source: Unknow/Connect directly
Verify Domain: www.t-cat.com.tw
Verify SSL: https://www.t-cat.com.tw
Verify Validity Period: Expired

How to check if the SSL mechanism of the Site has been activated?

  Online Certificate examination method:

   Checklist for certificate verification:

   1.The online certificate Website should be the same as above.
   2.The redirect source is the same as the above.
   3.Whether the SSL has been activated.  (use the secure protocol starting with https:// to connect)
   4.The company (Organization) in the certificate content is the same as stated in the Website and domain name.
   5.The Validation Period has not expired.
   6.The security icon in your browser should show up when connecting to the certified Site URL.
      (Please check your browser for this feature.)
   7.The security status of the certificate content is valid and not cancelled or expired.

If you experience any problems while performing the above security examination procedure, it may indicate the Website has some problems. Please contact GlobalTrust Digital Certificate Registration Center directly and a technician will help you perform the test.Contact Email: support@globaltrust.com.tw

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