Air Jordan Shoes

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Moore-conceived Jumpman logo on the revolutionary Air Jordan IIIs

Air Jordan Shoes

Air Jordans are shoes that are admired by many people worldwide due to the trend they have set in the past few years. Day in day out, new brands of Air Jordans are being released. Each Air Jordan has a unique design, and therefore it gives the customer an option to choose amongst the availed designs. Each year, the Air Jordan Company releases new brands, often in groups. We have the latest release dates for you to help you to be informed on your favorite shoes. Air Jordan IIIs (and Michael's dad telling MJ that Nike had his best interest at heart) that convinced him to stay.

Most Anticipated September 2017 Releases

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Girls Maya Moore

This Jordan 1 blends three unique colors; pink color blended with metallic silver and wolf gray. The top part and the lower sole have a pink color scheme. They are set to be released on September 30, and they will Cheap Jordan 10 Shoes On Sale go for a price of $95.

Jordan 10 Maya Moore

The Jordan 10 -Maya Moore brand is a blend of Fuchsia flush, white and wolf gray colors. The shoe has a very comfortable sole to gives you a smooth feel while walking or sprinting. They also have an indented angle that offers the much-needed freedom to your feet while in the shoes. The brand will be released on September 30, and it will be sold at a retail price of $140. Retro Jordan 12

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede

Air Jordan 5 -Blue Suede has a combination of game royal and black colors and also comes along with 3M on its tongue. They have a unique design and are good for those who love bright colors. The release date for these sneakers is on September 30th, 2017. They will go at a retail price of $190.

Most Anticipated October 2017 Releases

Air Jordan 13 -Love & Respect.

The Air Jordan 13 -Love & Respect are set to be released on October 1 in China. It is among the most anticipated because it has a wider audience. The audience features both male and female. This brand made two different brands; the male brand is white and black while the female brand is black and white. These sneakers will go for $190 for male version and $140 for the female version.air jordan 11 for sale

Air Jordan 1 Flyknit Royal

Air Jordan 1 Flyknit -Royal has been designed with black as a dominant color mixed with royal blue. The shoe is set to be released on October 7, and it will be sold at a retail price of $180. air jordan 11 retro

Most Anticipated November 2017 Releases

Air Jordan 12 Dark Gray

The Air Jordan 12 -Dark Gray has a blend of dark gray and wolf gray color. The dark gray color is used on the suede part of the sneaker. It is indeed a touch of class, thanks to its flashy colors. It is set to be released on November 18, at a price of $190. Womens Jordans Shoes

Air Jordan 12 Dark Gray

The Air Jordan 12 -Dark Gray will be sold at a retail price of $190, and it will be released on November 18, 2017. The sneakers have a unique sole with a leather texture on some parts of the shoe. Cheap Jordan 11 Shoes On Sale The shoe has two colors that bring out its unique design; dark gray and wolf gray. The first two eyelets are made using gold plated metallic strips which gives it a royal look.

Air Jordan 6 Wheat

This sneaker has a wheat grain color suede and is best suited for the cold season. It will be released on November 22, at a retail price of $190. air jordan 12

Most Anticipated December 2017 Releases

Air Jordan 3 Black Cat

The all-black Air Jordan 3 -Black Cat' will be released in December and will be sold for $190. air jordan 12 retro

Air Jordan 12 Cherry

Air Jordan 12 Cherry is coming back to the market for the second time. It will go for $190 and is set to be released probably in December during the holidays. air jordan 13 for sale

Air Jordan 12 -Taxi

Air Jordan 12 -Taxi is also making a comeback into the market this December at a retail price of $190. Cheap Jordan 13 Shoes On Sale

Air Jordan 11 -Gym Red

The glossy looking Air Jordan 11 Gym Red' will soon be out in your local stores in December at a price of $220.

Air Jordan 6 -University Blue

From its name, the Air Jordan 6 University Blue, features a blend of black and University blue colors. It will be out on December 23, at a retail price of $190. Cheap Jordan 12 Shoes On Sale

Air Jordan 13 Altitude

Air Jordan 13 -Altitude is set to be released for a second time during the December holidays after the last release in 2010. This time around, it comes in leather. It will be sold at $190 in retail stores. air jordan 12 for sale


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